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Ditto Night Light

Ditto Night Light

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🌟✨ Transform your space into a haven of adorable enchantment with our Stained Glass Ditto Inspired Night Light! πŸ’œ Overflowing with cuteness, this lavender-colored wonder is not just a night light – it's a pocket-sized burst of joy!

🌈 Brace yourself for a handmade night light that defies Ditto's shape-shifting abilities. Stained glass is a tricky beast, and your Ditto may vary slightly from the one pictured – but hey, that just adds to the charm! It's like catching Ditto in the wild – always a delightful surprise!

πŸ“ Standing at approximately 2.5" tall and 3" wide, Ditto is the perfect bedside companion, adding a sprinkle of joy to your nightly adventures. Whether you're a PokΓ©mon Trainer or just a lover of all things cute, Ditto is here to light up your dreams in lavender loveliness!


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